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"Dried seafood road" refers to the Des Voeux Road West that lies between Sheung Wan and Sai Wan. The street boasts around 300 shops, which sells not only dried seafood but also traditional food like ginseng, pilose antler, salted dried fish, and cured duck.

The western district, where the Des Voeux Road West is situated, is the first area where Britons settled down in Hong Kong. But they abandoned the area soon because of rampant mosquitoes. After 1848, the first generation of Chinese immigrants came and made their homes in the district, which soon turned it into a traditional China town. Traditional Chinese food shops that sold salted fish, cured duck, cured intestines, pilose antler became propellant and street established its name as the hub of traditional Chinese food in Hong Kong.

Nowadays selling dried seafood is considered small business , but it was a pillar industry when Hong Kong was first opened as a port. Many businessmen also made their fortune in this trade and earned considerate amount of foreign currencies for Hong Kong.



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