Welcome to the Careers and Internships page of The Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong.  This is where employers can learn about our graduates and our student internship program, alums can get help with job searches, and students can get the details they need to get the most out of our internship program and future career possibilities.

Graduates of the master’s and bachelor’s programs have been trained by international journalists who insist on smart, ethical, deadline-driven work. Our curriculum emphasizes cutting-edge technologies and strong storytelling across mediums. Graduates of the JMSC are from all over the world, and a majority can speak and read multiple languages.

To post a job listing with our alums or receive recommendations from our professional practice division, please write us here.

At the JMSC we believe that practical experience is essential preparation for a media career. JMSC-approved internships are designed to provide students with meaningful journalistic tasks and a realistic experience of the challenges and satisfactions of hands-on media work. Students tell us their internship experiences not only help them put passion into practice but also refine their career goals.

The JMSC has networked with media in Hong Kong and throughout greater Asia and beyond to establish the internship program, and we now average more than 100 internship placements with these organizations each school year. Not every internship is right for every student. Some require particular language fluencies, previous experience, or familiarity with equipment and editing.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the program in our internship handbook and work the internship coordinator will use to make your placement. You can also access forms for overseas internship funds and internship evaluations.

Applying for an internship through the JMSC program is much like applying for any job. It requires an understanding of the companies, a solid resume and a good interview.  Everyone who applies is counselled by our internship coordinator and encouraged to consider our guidelines for preparing a professional journalism resume and having a successful interview.

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