Selected work by JMSC authors


18 December – Mizzima: Documentaries tackle discrimination and hateby Zita Wu Yu (MJ 2019)

16 December – Rappler: Floats with meaningful stories take spotlight at UP Lantern Parade 2018, co-written by Fatima Qureshi (MJ 2019)

14 December – Mizzima: Award-winning director calls on men to prevent violence against women, by Graeme Acres (MJ 2019)

14 December – Reuters: Hong Kong democracy leaders defiant as landmark trial wraps up, co-written by Jessie Pang (MJ 2019)

13 December – TIME: Google Doodle celebrates the most spectacular astronomical event of the year, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

12 December – Quartz: Sundar Pichai leaves the door open to Google launching a censored search engine in China, by Brandon Johnson (MJ 2019)

12 December – Mizzima: Art exhibition draws public attention to plastic pollution in waterwaysKelly Jiawen Le (MJ 2019)

11 December – Quartz: Huawei’s CFO makes an unconvincing argument why she won’t flee, by Brandon Johnson (MJ 2019)

7 December – Quartz: Why China’s wealthiest generation identifies with the words “dirt-poor” and “ugly”, by Kari Lindberg (2019)

7 December – South China Morning Post: Rise in emergency fees at Hong Kong public hospitals fails to cut queues and waiting times, by Ivanka Lou (MJ 2019)

4 December – #legend: Banksy’s Dismaland boat sculpture is going for £2, by Renuka Kennedy (MJ 2019)

4 December – TIME: You can now turn on scrolling live captions when you make a Skype call, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

3 December – The Atlantic: The Blurring Boundaries Between Hong Kong and Mainland China, with reporting by Jessie Pang (MJ 2019)

2 December – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong teens aim to break out of poverty through music in concert showcasing talent, by Fiona Sun (MJ 2019)

29 November – NBC News: Chinese researcher says he is ‘proud’ of gene-editing twins, Bryan Michael Galvin (MJ 2019) contributed

28 November – South China Morning Post: Artistic freedom in Hong Kong: self-censorship, culture of fear growing, creatives say, by Bryan Galvin (MJ 2019)

22 November – Thomson Reuters Foundation: Pig out? Asia gets a taste of climate-friendly ‘pork’, by Marianne Bray

17 November – South China Morning Post: From nuclear fusion to human gene splicing: five Chinese tech innovations that could have a negative impact, by Bryan Galvin (MJ 2019)

13 November – Hyperallergic: Political cartoonist threatened by Chinese authorities during “Free Expression Week”, by Kari Lindberg (MJ 2019)

8 November – Global Course: Rising Marine Pollution calls for sustainable lifestyle, by Supriya Batra (MJ 2019)

November 2018 – The Socientist, Fall 2018: Are you Media? Tracking China’s We-Media frenzy, by Regina Chung

10 October – Nikkei Asian Review: China’s assault on Hong Kong’s freedoms threatens city’s global role, by Keith B. Richburg

9 October – Inkstone: It took a while, but ‘The Death of Hong Kong’ has arrived, by Keith B. Richburg

September – The Economist Intelligence Unit: Ready for 100? Preparing for longevity in Singapore, by Marianne Bray

19 September – Thomson Reuters Foundation: In Hong Kong, disposable fashion gets a recycled makeover, Marianne Bray

16 September – South China Morning Post: On internet censorship, China can tell the US: Told you so, by Keith B. Richburg

11 September – Journal of Information Technology & Politics: The “mutual ignoring” mechanism of cyberbalkanization: triangulating observational data analysis and agent-based modeling, by Chung-hong Chan and King-wa Fu

21 July  – South China Morning Post: Mandela’s legacy lives strong in Asia, but can we say the same for its leaders?, by Keith B. Richburg

17 June – South China Morning Post: Admit it: Trump’s Singapore date with Kim made us all safer, by Keith B. Richburg

11 June – South China Morning Post: Sleepless in Singapore: Dear Trump, some dos and don’ts for your big date with Kim, by Keith B. Richburg

10 June – Hong Kong Free Press: Divided city, divided campus – who can mend the rift between mainland and local students?, by JMSC students

4 June – South China Morning Post: How two green schools in Hong Kong are teaching sustainability to children and leading the way in local education community, by Marianne Bray

31 May – U.S. News & World Report: Pirates of the Caribbean – and Africa, and Asia, co-written by Kevin Lau

31 May – China Daily website (Hong Kong Edition): Building HK with – Bamboo, with contribution by Sida Wang (MJ 2018)

25 May – South China Morning Post: Trump Kim talks: the art of no deal, by Keith B. Richburg

12 May – South China Morning Post: Why would Kim Jong-un trust Trump now he’s ripped up Iran’s nuclear deal?, by Keith B. Richburg

7 May – Ming Pao:「第三者資料」成政府資訊公開最大敵人 (In Chinese), by Benjamin Zhou and King-wa Fu

6 May – South China Morning Post: Donald Trump, the Nobel-worthy peacemaker in Korea? It’s not so far-fetched, by Keith B. Richburg

2 May – Forbes: This Singapore startup is demonstrating blockchain’s potential in the creative industry, by Martin Choi (BJ 2018)

28 April – The Straits Times: In Myanmar, when home is one of world’s biggest opium-producing areas, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

25 April – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong must remain a beacon of freedom of expression as China, and the region, cracks down on critics, by Cliff Buddle

18 April – Asia Sentinel: Chinese students increasingly find US a hostile place to study, by Marisa Lee (MJ 2018)

17 April – Reuters: Chinese exporters concerned about U.S.-China trade spat – survey, with reporting by Wyman Ma (MJ 2018)

11 April – ChinaFile: China’s Communist Party Takes (Even More) Control of the Media, with contribution by Regina Chung and King-wa Fu

13 April – Quartz: How I learned to live with a name that’s a constant source of humiliation, Natalie Lung (BJ 2018)

7 April – South China Morning Post: Does Trump even have an endgame in trade war with China?, by Keith B. Richburg

3 April  – South China Morning Post: Why a safe environment is a human right: Hong Kong groups’ submission to UN on sustainable development, by Marianne Bray

30 March – Hong Kong Free Press: A new type of aerial beach yoga… with a Hong Kong twist, by Sida Wang (MJ 2018)

25 March  – South China Morning Post: Selfies with armed guerillas: holidays in Myanmar off the beaten track, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

16 March – The Washington Post: The dreams, hopes and everyday lives of China’s people, by Keith B. Richburg

16 March – Medium: Research on Information Disorder in Asia, by Masato Kajimoto

14 March – Poynter: In East and Southeast Asia, misinformation is a visible and growing concern, by Masato Kajimoto

14 March – Poynter: A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world, with reporting by Masato Kajimoto

10 March – The Peak: Hong Kong must shut door on illicit trade in antiquities before it can emerge as global art hub, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

8 March – ChinaFile: Weibo Whack-a-Mole: The most-censored events on Chinese social media, by King-wa Fu, Channing Huang (MJ 2017), and Kylin Zhang (MJ 2018)

5 March – HK01:【來稿】致特區政府:有關如何推動香港的紀錄片發展建議 (In Chinese, [Contributor] “Letter to the HKSAR Government: Proposals on promoting the development of documentary filmmaking in Hong Kong”), by Ruby Yang

5 March – Forbes: First solar, then steel…now soy? China’s move to buy Brazilian soybeans over U.S. could worsen trade tensions, by Marisa Lee (MJ 2018)

2 March – South China Morning Post: Someone tell Trump the trade war is over. China won, by Keith B. Richburg

1 March – Initium Media:「抱歉,此內容違反了《規定》」──2017年微博審查回顧, (In Chinese), by King-wa Fu and Regina Chung

18 February – Hong Kong Free Press: Ming-gor runs a Sham Shui Po restaurant with a difference: profits are not on the menu, by Vincent Wong (HKU undergrad minoring in journalism)

18 February – Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong Kin-ball heads to the World Cup, but struggles for recognition back home, by Harriet Lai (BJ 2018) and Tina To (BJ 2018)

11 February – South China Morning Post: Here’s a lesson from the 1997 stock crash: Don’t panic, by Keith B. Richburg

4 February – Hong Kong Free Press: Journalism denied: How China views facts, fairness, transparency and objectivity in reporting, by David Bandurski

3 February – South China Morning Post: Why China and Hong Kong must heed America’s immigration debate, by Keith B. Richburg

26 January – Reuters: Homeless in Hong Kong: soaring costs fuel housing crisis in Asian financial hub, with reporting by Wyman Ma (MJ 2018), Chermaine Lee (MJ 2018) and Carmel Yang (MJ 2018)

31 January – Small Wars Journal: Buzz Kill, by Kevin Sites

30 January – Sixth Tone: Out of her hands: Trials and trauma of a blind masseuse, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

29 January – Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong’s wheelchair users face many obstructions – even at the best hotels, by Aung Kaung Myat (MJ 2018)

27 January – South China Morning Post: China may crow as US shuts down, but death of the West is greatly exaggerated, by Keith B. Richburg

27 January – Hong Kong Free Press: The breadwinner – Why one Hong Kong domestic worker turned to sex work, by Chermaine Lee (MJ 2018)

25 January – Quartz: Korea’s new hero is a bespectacled 21-year-old taking on Roger Federer, co-written by Hailey Jo (MJ 2018)

24 January – EJ Insight: Why Hongkongers should say MeToo, by Cecilie Wortziger Kristensen (HKU exchange student)

23 January – EJ Insight: International schools a poor preparation for college life in HK, by Amanda Har Jia Yi (HKU undergrad minoring in journalism)

22 January – EJ Insight: Why Hong Kong is not really a good place to keep pets, by Louise Joachimowski (BJ 2019)

19-25 January – Nepali Times: Pad power, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

12 January – Nikkei Asian Review: Trump’s ‘war on media’ reverberates in Asia, by Keith B. Richburg

12-18 January – Nepali Times: With new airport, Pokhara waits for takeoff, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

12-18 January – Nepali Times: A woof of fresh air, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

12-18 January – Nepali Times: Swipe right for extortion, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

11 January – Initium Media: 傅景華:AI淘汰人類?末日論以外的另類思考 (In Chinese), by King-wa Fu

11 January  – Quartz: Singapore will keep jailing people without a trial—but it’ll be more transparent, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

10 January – FTChinese: 数据:中国大城市夜间噪音问题待改善 (In Chinese), by Julianna Wu (MJ 2018)

8 January – Sixth Tone: As oil tanker burns, environmentalists raise spill concerns, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

8 January  – Quartz: The hottest place on Earth this weekend was a suburb of Sydney, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

5-11 January – Nepali Times: Online designers get real, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

4 January – Mizzima: Youth take a break on Independence Day, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

4 January – Sixth Tone: Vintage in vogue: Patriotic ladies revive ‘qipao’ dress, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

2 January – Mizzima: Chin women live under a cloud, by Joanne Ma (MJ 2018)


29 December – Sixth Tone, China lays down the law on school bullying, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

29-December-4 January – Nepali Times: Touching and feeling, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

28 December – South China Morning Post: Winners and losers in another year of political upheaval for Hong Kong, by Stuart Lau (MJ 2011)

28 December  – Quartz: You could earn cryptocurrency riding a bike next year, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

28 December – FTChinese: 回望2017年:数据里的中国 (In Chinese), co-produced by Julianna Wu (MJ 2018)

27 December – South China Morning Post: Is China trying to play mediator in Central Asia with offer to include Afghanistan in trade plan?, co-written by Kinling Lo (BJ 2015)

27 December – FTChinese: 2017人物回顾:“不想做首富”许家印 (In Chinese), co-written by Ziyi Tang (MJ 2018)

27 December – FTChinese: 2017年度人物回顾:“警告者”周小川 (In Chinese), co-written by Ziyi Tang (MJ 2018)

26 December – Wall Street Journal: China snares innocent and guilty alike to build world’s biggest DNA database, co-written by Natasha Khan (MJ 2011)

22-28 December – Nepali Times: Put back what you pump out, by Sonia Awale (MJ 2016)

22-28 December – Nepali Times: Dancing to freedom, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

21 December – Mizzima: Myanmar’s freedom of speech being curtailed, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

20 December  – Quartz: Pixar’s Coco has made more money in China than at home, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

20 December – Mizzima: Capturing Rakhine’s hypnotic tattoo-faced ladies, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

19 December – Sixth Tone: Traffic police sentenced for Hunan highway pileup, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

18 December  – Quartz: “Imeldific”: The first granddaughter is messing with Rodrigo Duterte’s populist image, co-written by Hailey Jo (MJ 2018)

18 December – Sixth Tone: Are China’s millennials already over the hill?, by Liang Chenyu (MJ 2016)

17 December – South China Morning Post: What do Kim Jong-un and Duterte have to learn from Mugabe’s fall?, by Keith B. Richburg

15 December – Mizzima: European companies were more reluctant to invest in Myanmar, according to EuroCham, by Joanne Ma (MJ 2018)

15 December – Mizzima: Tourists advised to ‘go local’ to spread economic benefit, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

15-21 December – Nepali Times: The Marston menagerie, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

15-21 December – Nepali Times: Equus, by Ziyu Lin (MJ 2018)

14 December  – Quartz: Instead of a new car, this city wants you to try sharing an electric ride instead, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

13 December – The New York Times: Destroyed in tsunami, a temple is reborn, co-produced by Nathan Griffiths (MJ 2011)

13 December – Mizzima: Journalists must fortify their digital security, by Joanne Ma (MJ 2018)

12 December – South China Morning Post: Conservation in Hong Kong: citizen scientists enlisted to record and safeguard city’s amazing biodiversity, by Marianne Bray

12 December – Quartz: China’s blacklist of defaulters now includes an entrepreneur who took on Apple and Tesla, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

11 December – Mizzima: Law against defamation still used to stifle free speech in Myanmar, activists warn, by Eduard Fernández (MJ 2018)

11 December – Sixth Tone: Thugs attack demolition case lawyers in broad daylight, by Liang Chenyu (MJ 2016)

11 December – Sixth Tone: Shandong education bureau makes false MIT admissions claim, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

11 December – South China Morning Post: Can SCMP outsmart Hong Kong’s most famous robot, Sophia?, by Jane Zhang (MJ 2017)

10 December – BBC News: In Your Face: China’s all-seeing state, produced by Joyce Liu (MJ 2015)

10 December – South China Morning Post: ‘We just want to win money’: should Hongkongers stand for the national anthem at horse races?, by Billy SK Wong (BJ 2015)

10 December – Wall Street Journal: It takes careful planning to scale a mountain of cheese, co-written by Natasha Khan (MJ 2011)

8 December – Mizzima: Media conference discusses safety of journalists, access to information, by Fatih Isik (MJ 2018)

8-14 December – Nepali Times: Nepal hosts Asia for Animals, by Ryan Heng Chang (MJ 2018)

7 December – Zolima CityMag: December 1941: Hong Kong’s Christmas Tragedy, by Christopher DeWolf (MJ 2009)

7 December – Mizzima: Telling the truth with minimal harm – experts discuss journalistic ethics and challenges, Joanne Ma (MJ 2018)

6 December – Sixth Tone: More performance evaluations for Beijing’s civil servants, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

5 December – Sixth Tone: China goes online to speed up traffic accident resolutions, by Joyce Siu (MJ 2018)

4 December – South China Morning Post: New hurdle for lesbian couple in visa fight as Hong Kong court grants government leave to appeal, by Jasmine Siu (BJ 2013)

4 December – South China Morning Post: Meet the men and women behind the iPhone X: they’re stressed, overworked and in their teens, by Jane Li (MJ 2014)

4 December – Quartz: China’s central bank believes bitcoin will die, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

1 December – Sixth Tone: Patriarchy 101: School espouses sexist ‘feminine virtues’, by Liang Chenyu (MJ 2016)

1-7 December – Nepali Times: Backlash against the backlash, by Sonia Awale (MJ 2016)

30 November – The New York Times: See why New York’s ferries are so popular, co-produced by Nathan Griffiths (MJ 2011)

27 November – CNN: Colorful WWF map showcases Hong Kong’s biodiversity, by Marian Liu

24 November – Initium Media: 我們都被老大哥把玩着──從Facebook到社會信用體系 (In Chinese), by King-wa Fu

23 November – Sixth Tone: Kindergarten investigated after parents find needle marks, by Liang Chenyu (MJ 2016)

22 November – RTHK English News: Subsidy delays threaten asylum seekers’ schooling, Jimmy Choi (MJ 2017)

21 November – Fund Selector Asia: HKMA: Banks misinterpret fund regs, by Francis Nikolai Acosta (MJ 2016)

21 November – Asia Times Online: Hong Kong developer bets on rising Indonesian home market, by Lin Wanxia (MJ 2016)

18 November  – South China Morning Post: Would Hong Kong be better off without the jury system?, by Cliff Buddle

16 November – Hakai Magazine: Hong Kong’s Napoleon wrasse complex, by Justin Heifetz (MJ 2011)

16 November – Reuters: Hong Kong IPO surge challenges New York in battle for China listings, co-written by Julie Zhu (MJ 2011)

15 November – Quartz: “You are sick”: The first-hand accounts of 17 LGBT people in China forced into conversion therapy, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

14 November  – South China Morning Post: Joshua Wong seeks to change Hong Kong laws that ban former convicts from elections for five years, by Jasmine Siu (BJ 2013)

14 November – Coconuts Hong Kong: From Cyberport to Central: The history of Clockenflap, by Vicky Wong (MJ 2015)

14 November – Fund Selector Asia: Robo-advisor launched in Singapore’s sandbox, by Francis Nikolai Acosta (MJ 2016)

13 November – Bloomberg: Alibaba’s rise creates at least 10 billionaires not named Jack Ma, by Venus Feng (MJ 2015)

12 November – Wall Street Journal: Surveillance cameras dade by China are hanging all over the U.S., co-written by Natasha Khan (MJ 2011)

12 November – Motherboard: Hong Kong’s government is spending billions taking land from the sea, by Justin Heifetz (MJ 2011)

9 November – Quartz: In Beijing, Trump should get acquainted with Xi Jinping’s “Steve Bannon”, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

8 November – RTHK English News: Bailed Alex Chow focusing on prison reform, Jimmy Choi (MJ 2017)

8 November – Fund Selector Asia: Is it time for the low volatility factor portfolio?, by Francis Nikolai Acosta (MJ 2016)

6 November – Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong talks to TIME about life behind bars, by Kevin Lui, (MJ 2015)

6 November  – South China Morning Post: Donald Trump’s South Korea visit, by Jane Zhang (MJ 2017)

5 November – Hong Kong Free Press: Hong Kong independence row: International standards for sedition must be the norm, by Sharron Fast

5 November – BBC News: What Japanese women think of Ivanka Trump, by Xinyan Yu (MJ 2012)

3 November – Nepali Times: The kingdom of cardamom, by Sonia Awale (MJ 2016)

2 November – Asia Pacific Media Educator: Ahead of the e-Curve in fact checking and verification education: The University of Hong Kong’s Cyber News Verification Lab leads verification education in Asia, by Anne Kruger

2 November – Wall Street Journal: China’s Communist Party has ties to $5.15 billion Hong Kong property deal, co-written by Natasha Khan (MJ 2011)

2 November – Asian Investor: New Fed chair gets thumbs up from Asia investors, by Ernest Chan (MJ 2017)

1 November  – South China Morning Post: Why applying the national anthem law retroactively would undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law, by Cliff Buddle

31 October – Forbes: Ghost Money: The Hong Kong master creating art in paper offerings to the dead, by Tiffany Choi (MJ 2018)

31 October – Sixth Tone: Addicted to coal, Northern China goes cold turkey, by Liya Fan (MJ 2016)

31 October – CNN: Rocking Pyongyang: Film recalls Laibach’s North Korea gig, by Marian Liu

30 October – Nieman Lab: A snap election (and global worries over fake news) spur fact-checking collaborations in Japan, by Masato Kajimoto

28 October – Quartz: The Double Ninth festival is a great reminder of the importance of disaster preparedness, by Echo Huang (MJ 2016)

24 October – Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong freed on bail, by Natasha Khan (MJ 2011)

23 October – Motherboard: Hong Kong has no space left for the dead, by Justin Heifetz (MJ 2011)

20 October – Quartz: The world is abandoning coal-fired electricity at an astonishing pace, by Echo Huang (MJ 2016)

20 October  – South China Morning Post: Task force to consider ‘never-before-discussed’ options to boost housing supply, Hong Kong development minister says, by Billy SK Wong (BJ 2015)

20 October  – South China Morning Post: Why mainlanders have lost their appetite for Hong Kong’s fast food, by Jane Li (MJ 2014)

19 October – CNN International: Why the Taj Mahal is at the center of India’s cultural wars, by Medhavi Arora (BJ 2016)

19 October – Quartz: Chariots, statues, dancers: A preview of Thailand’s lavish $90 million royal funeral next week, by Echo Huang (MJ 2016)

18 October – Nikkei Asian Review: China ascendant, US floundering, by Keith B. Richburg

18 October – Quartz: Your five-minute summary of Xi Jinping’s three-hour Communist Party congress speech, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

18 October – Quartz: Xi Jinping just showed his power by making China’s elite sit through a tortuously long speech, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

18 October – South China Morning Post: More say for Hong Kong’s youth as government recruits them for input on policymaking, by Billy SK Wong (BJ 2015)

17 October – Quartz: The Communist App Store: China’s endless apps for tracking, organizing, and motivating party members, by Echo Huang (MJ 2016)

17 October – RTHK English News: ‘Quick returns shouldn’t guide science funding’, by Jimmy Choi (MJ 2017)

17 October – South China Morning Post: Instagrammer Michael Zee’s symmetrical breakfasts, huge in Hong Kong – how they became an internet sensation, by Marta Colombo (MJ 2017)

15 October – Quartz: Your simple guide to the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th congress, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

14 October – South China Morning Post: What would Trump think about Hong Kong football fans booing the Chinese anthem?, by Keith B. Richburg

14 October – Hong Kong Free Press: From Hong Kong to Italy and back: Local artist Heidi Li sings her multicultural journey, by Marta Colombo (MJ 2017)

13 October – CNN: #WomenBoycottTwitter protest erupts over Rose McGowan’s suspension, co-written by Marian Liu

13 October – Quartz: This summer, hundreds of China’s young gay people took their parents on a sea voyage of reconciliation, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

11 October – South China Morning Post: Can Beijing’s power to interpret Hong Kong’s Basic Law ever be questioned?, by Cliff Buddle

11 October – Quartz: Your news about China depends on intrepid journalists whose names you’ll probably never know, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

9 October – Initium Media: 社交媒體真的在撕裂我們的社會嗎?(In Chinese), by King-wa Fu

9 October – CNN: Jay Park: from K-pop to Jay-Z, by Marian Liu

9 October – Reuters: Buyers eye Sinopec’s Argentina oil assets in sale worth up to $1 billion: sources, by Julie Zhu (MJ 2011)

6 October – CNN International: India’s lowest caste fights discrimination with mustache selfies, by Medhavi Arora (BJ, 2016)

6 October – CNN International: Bangladesh to move 800,000 Rohingya into single enormous camp, co-written by Medhavi Arora (BJ 2016)

5 October – VOA Khmer: “First They Killed My Father” Strikes a Chord With Cambodian Audiences, co-produced by Nov Povleakhena (MJ 2017)

1 October – Asia Sentinel: Final chapter for another Hong Kong bookstore, by Martin Choi (BJ 2018)

30 September – South China Morning Post: Trump vs ‘Rocket Man’: What if North Korea is the problem, not Kim?, by Keith B. Richburg

30 September – Sixth Tone: Sugar, Spice, Flowerlike: Shanghai Girls get schooled in gender, Liya Fan (MJ 2016)

27 September – Wall Street Journal: Ross presses China to level playing field for U.S. businesses, by Natasha Khan (MJ 2011)

26 September – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong’s tiny understairs shops are disappearing, co-produced by Jane Zhang (MJ 2017)

25 September – Quartz: Nine years ago Warren Buffett bet on an unknown Chinese battery maker, and it’s sort of paying off, by Echo Huang (MJ 2016) and Tripti Lahiri

24 September – South China Morning Post: Divine to divided: How Occupy Central split Hong Kong’s Christian leaders, by Jayson Albano, Marta Colombo and Maria Cristhin Kuiper (MJ 2017)

24 September – Hong Kong Free Press: Artists first, asylum seekers second: Talents Displaced share love of music with local community, by Hillary Leung (BJ 2017)

24 September  – Hong Kong Free Press: China’s ‘Great Firewall’ is more akin to a ‘Great Hive’ of propaganda buzzing around individuals, by David Bandurski

20 September – South China Morning Post: Student union removes Hong Kong independence banner – but warns it may come back, co-written by Billy SK Wong (BJ 2015)

21 September – CNN: K-pop group’s record breaking album conquers three continents, by Marian Liu

20 September – Nikkei Asian Review: A bad year for free press, by Keith B. Richburg

20 September – South China Morning Post: ‘One country, two systems’ demands that Hong Kong discuss the independence question, by Cliff Buddle

20 September – South China Morning Post: South Korea to miss out on Chinese tourists’ big Golden Week spending as political tensions linger, by Jane Li (MJ 2014)

19 September – East Asia Forum: New regulations forcing China’s online ideas market out of business, by David Bandurski

15 September – CNN: How a Taiwanese whisky became a global favorite, by Marian Liu

14 September  – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong quest for the Tesla of food, so world can still feed itself in 2050 by changing diets and farming more sustainably, by Marianne Bray

14 September – Fund Selector Asia: Alternatives fund targeting elite whisky raises $12m, by Francis Nikolai Acosta (MJ 2016)

12 September – Bloomberg Markets: Hong Kong finance chief warns again of property risk on Fed, by Fion Li (BJ 2007)

9 September – Nepali Times: Back to the land, by Sonia Awale (MJ 2016)

6 September – Quartz: Rich investors are making it possible for China’s female gamers to go pro—and they’re crushing it, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

5 September – Hong Kong Free Press: ‘We are part of Hong Kong society’: Domestic workers campaign for HK$5,500 liveable wage, by Suhas Bhat (MJ 2018)

3 September  – South China Morning Post: Does respect for China’s national anthem have to be mandated by law in Hong Kong?, by Cliff Buddle

3 September – Hong Kong Free Press: Compensated dating: Social problem or a road to empowerment and easy cash?, by Nayantara Baht (BJ 2018)

30 August – Medium: There is no ‘cure’ for so-called fake news problems but there are ‘remedies’, by Masato Kajimoto

29 August – Coconuts Manila: Your illegal streaming habit is hurting the Philippine film industry, by Therese Reyes (MJ 2017)

28 August – Quartz: China’s newest answer to Disneyland is a mish-mash of Eastern and Western myth and fantasy, by Zheping Huang (MJ 2014)

28 August – A would-be Indonesian female suicide bomber Has Been sentenced to prison, by Kevin Lui (MJ 2016)

27 August  – South China Morning Post: Is Hong Kong’s rule of law really under threat?, by Cliff Buddle

27 August  – Asia Times: Film lays bare ‘toxic’ impact of our dependence on tech gadgets, by Siran Liang

25 August  – South China Morning Post: China’s traditional food giants struggle to stay relevant in digital age, by Jane Li (MJ 2014)

25 August – Quartz: Half of the top 10 employers of AI talent in China are American, by Echo Huang (MJ 2016)

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