Articles by JMSC authors


24 May –, 21 People Arrested Over ‘Fake Test Data’ as Safety Scandal Hits Massive Chinese Bridge Project, by Kevin Lui (MJ, 2015)

19 May – CNN International, Mom donates womb to daughter in India’s first uterus transplant, by Medhavi Arora (BJ, 2016)

16 May – South China Morning Post, The Hong Kong artists on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s latest album and what it meant to them to work with the Japanese great, by Vivienne Chow

16 May –, Plastic Trash Is Piling Up on One of the World’s Most Remote Islands, by Kevin Lui (MJ, 2015)

16 May – CNN International, India: Court grants 10-year-old girl right to abortion in rape case, co-written by Medhavi Arora (BJ, 2016)

15 May –, The Refugees who Sheltered Edward Snowden in Hong Kong Have Had Their Asylum Applications Rejected, by Kevin Lui (MJ, 2015)

15 May – Quartz: Your guide to understanding OBOR, China’s new Silk Road plan, by Zheping Huang (MJ, 2015)

14 May – Hong Kong Free Press: Local charity brings kindness to the streets of Hong Kong, by Hillary Leung (BJ, 2017)

14 May – Nepali Times, It’s party time on the internet, by Sonia Awale (MJ, 2016)

11 May –, According to Chinese Propaganda, Children Around the World Just Love Beijing’s Trade Policies, by Kevin Lui (MJ, 2015)

11 May – Quartz: The fight scenes behind the “authorized” biopic of Bruce Lee, by Vivienne Chow

8 May – The New York Times, Asian Stocks Greet Macron With a Rise, by Gerry Doyle

8 May – Quartz: All by myself: Chinese revolution in karaoke is making it much better for introverts, by Vivienne Chow

8 May – Asia Times Online, Fast friends: China’s media says Macron an ally for the ages, by Lin Wanxia (MJ, 2016)

8 May – Quartz: China publishes more science research with fabricated peer-review than everyone else put together, by Echo Huang (MJ, 2016)

6 May – South China Morning Post: Opinion: If only Nixon could go to China, can only Trump go to North Korea?, by Keith Richburg

5 May –, Expatriate Voters Like Those in Hong Kong Could Be Decisive In the French Election, Kevin Lui (MJ, 2015)

5 May – CNN International, India launches satellite for South Asian countries, Pakistan says no thanks, by  Medhavi Arora (BJ, 2016)

1 May – South China Morning Post: A-mei’s 20th anniversary tour is coming to Macau – here are the five songs you need to know, by Vivienne Chow

1 May – CNN International, Arsenic-polluted water linked to cancer in India, by Medhavi Arora (BJ, 2016)

29 April – South China Morning Post: First 100 days of President Trump: like a drunk stumbling down a highway, by Keith Richburg

20 April – Variety: Chinese Corruption Series ‘In the Name of the People’ Rules on TV and Online, by Vivienne Chow

11 April – Variety: Racism Allegations in United Airlines Scandal Fire Up Chinese Social Media, by Vivienne Chow

11 April  Quartz: “Ghost in the Shell” is a poem to Hong Kong as it faces the 20th anniversary of its handover to China, by Vivienne Chow

6 April – Variety: Do Young Generation Awards Contenders Hail a Hong Kong New Wave?, by Vivienne Chow

5 April  Nikkei Asian Review: North Korea looms over Xi-Trump summitby Keith Richburg

4 April – The Interpreter: Lam’s election a jolt back to reality for Hong Kong, by Vivienne Chow

3 April  Artsy: Hong Kong’s New Chief Executive Could Reshape the City’s Arts Scene, by Vivienne Chow

28 March – The Wall Street Journal: The Killing of Kim Jong Nam: Malaysia Probes Firm for North Korea Sanctions Violations, co-written by Tom Wright

26 March  Nikkei Asian Review: Hong Kong’s new chief executive starts on a tightrope, by Keith Richburg

22 March  Nikkei Asian Review: Trump’s North Korea credibility crisis, by Keith Richburg

21 March  Quartz: As the 20th anniversary of the handover to China nears, Hong Kong artists meditate on space, memory, by Vivienne Chow

21 March  Artsy: The 10 Best Booths at Art Central Hong Kong, by Vivienne Chow

21 March – The Wall Street Journal: The U.S. Is Preparing to Charge Financier Jho Low in Malaysian 1MDB Scandal, co-written by Tom Wright

21 March – Hong Kong Free Press: Will this phrase represent the legacy of Chinese leader Xi Jinping?, by David Bandurski

16 March – Variety: Hong Kong’s TVB Targeting New Revenues With OTT Platform, Productions, by Vivienne Chow

16 March – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong Canto-pop duo Tat Ming Pair making headlines ahead of 30th anniversary shows, by Vivienne Chow

14 March – Variety: FilMart: Hong Kong to Build More Cinemas, by Vivienne Chow

13 March – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong shopping malls hope more arts events will boost business, by Vivienne Chow

13 March – Variety: China Should Persist With Co-Productions, Say Experts, by Vivienne Chow

13 March – Variety: FilMart: SIL-Metropole Sets Hong Kong Slate as China’s Cinema Savior, by Vivienne Chow

12 March – Hong Kong Free Press: Better transparency needed to protect privacy and free speech in cyberspace, by Benjamin Zhou

11 March – Hong Kong Free Press: A quick (QR) scan of China’s annual National People’s Congress, by David Bandurski

4 March – South China Morning Post: Trump’s media war: straight from the playbook of communist China, by Keith Richburg

24 February – The New York Times: What Is VX Nerve Agent? A Deadly Weapon, Rarely Seen, by Gerry Doyle

23 February  Nieman Reports: Will the Trump White House Defend Press Freedom Abroad?by Keith Richburg

17 February – The Interpreter: Democracy won’t be the winner in Hong Kong election, by Vivienne Chow

14 February  Nikkei Asian Review: Flynn resignation adds to chaos in Trump White House, by Keith Richburg

13 February – Variety: Theater-Goers in China Continue to Embrace Movies From Hong Kong, by Vivienne Chow

4 February – Hong Kong Free Press: The top 10 Weibo posts on international affairs censored by China in 2016, by the Weiboscope team

3 February  Nikkei Asian Review: ‘Abduction’ threatens Hong Kong role as financial haven, by Keith Richburg

16 January  Nikkei Asian Review: Obama’s fraught foreign policy legacy in Asia, by Keith Richburg

15 January  Artsy: Eyeing Recession, Art Stage Singapore Asks If Current Art Fair Model Can Survive, by Vivienne Chow

8 January  The Guardian: Hong Kong’s ‘villain hitters’ use sorcery to vent political anger, co-written by Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

3 January – SupChina: Cashing in on dystopia, by David Bandurski


29 December  U.S. News and World Report: In Hong Kong, a Model for Aging with Grace, by Shen Xinmei (MJ, 2016–17)

19 December  Nikkei Asian Review: New China policy may give Trump and the US an early win, by Keith Richburg

19 December – South China Morning Post: Hong Kong bamboo climbing frame project aims to change how children play, by Marianne Bray

14 December – SupChina: When a typo is no laughing matter, by David Bandurski

2 December – Wiley Online Library: Information Overload, Similarity, and Redundancy: Unsubscribing Information Sources on Twitter, co-written by King-wa Fu

29 November – Quartz: Duterte the hero! Filipinos working abroad say they’re coming home to a better Philippines, co-written by Therese Reyes (MJ, 2016–17)

15 November  The Guardian: ‘We did nothing wrong’: banned Hong Kong politician on oath-taking protest, co-written by Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

8 November  The Guardian: Hong Kong: lawyers and activists march against Beijing ‘meddling’, co-written by Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

25 October – Quartz: The youngest woman ever to be elected to Hong Kong’s legislature is being targeted with sexual slurs, by Tom Tsui  (BJ, 2018)

10 October  Nikkei Asian Review: Depressing US election takes a tawdry turn, by Keith Richburg

5 October  The Guardian: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong attacks Thailand after being barred ‘at China’s request’, co-written by Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

3 October – Hong Kong Free Press: The End of Consensus: More trouble for substantive discussion in China as another website is shut down, by David Bandurski

28 September  Nikkei Asian Review: Debate loser Trump may yet surprise, by Keith Richburg

28 September  The Guardian: ‘Independence is not an option’: meet the star of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing party, co-written by Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

26 September – The New York Times: Hong Kong and the Realities of China’s Rise, by Yuen Ying Chan

26 September  The Guardian: Screened out? Film charting Hong Kong’s umbrella movement struggles to be seenby Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

22 September – Hong Kong Free Press: Making a clean sweep in China’s ‘democracy village’ of Wukan, by David Bandurski

16 September – Hong Kong Free Press: Wukan, China: The ‘Civilised Village’ that rose up, by David Bandurski

12 September – Quartz: 2,500 sailors and one performance artist are stranded at sea after a Korean shipping giant’s collapse, co-written by Kevin Lau

6 September – Hong Kong Free Press: What Hong Kong election?, by David Bandurski

26 August The Guardian: ‘Liberate Hong Kong’: pre-election calls for independence from China grow, co-written by Eric Cheung (BJ, 2018)

24 August Hong Kong Free Press: An unholy marriage? How Xi’s China is seeking to combine media control and innovation, by David Bandurski

18 August Nikkei Asian Review: Ignorance vs. malice: comparing racism in Asia and the US, by Keith Richburg

4 August – Nikkei Asian Review: Asia faces big changes, whoever wins the White House, by Keith Richburg