Eva Tam

MJ 2012, Senior Multimedia Producer at Fidelity, Journalism Lecturer at HKU

‘I believe that all you need is a lucky break to make it into journalism. However, luck only presents itself when one’s preparation meets opportunity. The JMSC programme prepared me through practical classes such as broadcast writing, online journalism and documentary video production. But what makes this programme stand out from other journalism schools are the extensive networking opportunities that helped me land my big break.

Going into the final month of school, I thought I had missed all my opportunities in landing a job or internship. Then, two weeks before graduation, the JMSC informed our class of graduates that The Wall Street Journal’s video team was looking for a summer intern. One week later, I was hired. Since then, I was fortunate enough to produce a consumer technology show, interview public figures like Shaquille O’Neil and Ryan Higa, and confidently take on work assignments in places like Bangalore, Tokyo and Taipei. Without the preparation and opportunities that the JMSC offered, I wouldn’t be this lucky.’